Fuel your awesome adventure.

Bowling establishments in general have a bad reputation when it comes to food, and most places with arcade games serve pizza that tastes like cardboard…We’re changing that. The Roundtrip Café is FlipSide’s answer to lame bowling cuisine.

Our restaurant’s professional staff has worked creatively to develop tastes that will delight your tongue. We think you should be able to enjoy serious cuisine while acting silly and having a blast. Chow down on gourmet pizzas, flavorful pastas, excellent taco’s, and the savory meatiness of our ground sirloin burgers and sandwiches. Take your mouth on an adventure then wash it all down with a beverage of your choice. We have various Pepsi products, iced drinks, coffee, beer and wine that will appeal to all ages.



Make no mistake about it, FlipSide is the place for those who want to satisfy their sweet tooth.
We have several varieties of hand dipped ice cream available with serving options that include sundae’s, bowls, waffle cones, and waffle bowls. Not enough, that’s fine, we offer several different shakes and malts as well. For those of you not interested in dipped ice cream, not a problem, FlipSide has over 15 different kinds of frozen treats including popsicles.


But if you don’t want something that cold, we can still accommodate you with our baked goods.
We offer different varieties of cookies, cheesecake, parfaits, scones, cinnamon rolls and brownies. We hope that’s enough variety for you because we’re hungry now.